• With Nicky Equipment

    'With Nicky' Part 5: Equipment


    This week on her video journey, Nicola Benedetti is talking all things equipment: strings, shoulder rests, chin rests, her bow, her beautiful pegs and the violin itself. She also gives us a glimpse inside her violin case. She says, ‘Equipment is something that I have certainly obsessed over a ...

  • Hilary Hahn

    Hilary Hahn plays Bach in 1997


    In this video from 1997 (first 21 minutes), the 17-year-old violinist performs Bach and gives an interview in which, amongst other things, she admits to knowing about 27 concertos off by heart. 

  • With Nicky Vibrato Part 2

    'With Nicky': Vibrato Part 2


    Following on from last week’s episode in her series of video tutorials, Nicola Benedetti is onto Vibrato Part 2, in which she progresses from easier to slightly harder vibrato exercises. She focuses on how to put some of last week’s exercises into practice with one of the most popular pieces ...

  • March 1937 cover crop

    Ida Haendel making her first appearance in The Strad in 1937


    In our March 1937 issue our correspondent predicts great things for a 14-year-old violinist who may have actually only been 9 at the time

  • Arabella Steinbacher

    Arabella Steinbacher's top 5 practice tips


    The German violinist shares her personal favourite practice habits

  • Grammy

    Life Lessons: 3 questions for Hilary Hahn


    Adrenalin can be helpful, says the American violinist, but you should never forget the true reasons for performance

  • Francois Rabbath

    Life Lessons: François Rabbath


    The French-Syrian double bassist considers his unique technical journey, the inspiration he drew from crustaceans, and the benefits of playing a waiting game

  • With Nicky Part Two

    'With Nicky' part 2: Developing Your Sound


    Why is sound so important? ‘With Nicky’ this week delves into the depths of developing sound, while reminding us that no two violinists sound the same, and that they shouldn’t sound the same. There’s lots of experimentation, plus plenty of advice on embracing the journey to finding your own sound. ...

  • Bruno Jerome

    Bruno Philippe on the attraction of gut strings


    This month, young French cellist Bruno Philippe releases his first album as an official Harmonia Mundi artist. In this extract from our February cover story, he chats with Charlotte Gardner about the merits of gut strings

  • Nicola Benedetti Back to Basics

    Back to Basics with Nicky


    Kicking off the ‘With Nicky’ series this week, and our media partnership with Nicola Benedetti’s new video venture, it’s Back to Basics, in which the violinist delves further into the fundamentals of the violin and bow hold to develop comfort, flexibility and relaxation.