• Johannes Moser

    Cello masterclass from Johannes Moser


    As part of his residency with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, last week Johannes Moser gave three local cellists a masterclass on Elgar’s Cello Concerto, Gulda’s Cello Concerto and Squire’s ‘Tzig-Tzig’.

  • shifting

    6 ways to improve shifting for string players


    Advice on how to shift smoothly and cleanly from 120 years of The Strad

  • Ransom head shot
    Premium ❘ Feature

    Technique: left-hand finger independence


    How to build strength and flexibiltiy for a truly agile left hand with Adriana Larosa Ransom, profesor of cello and string project director at Illinois State University, US 

  • music_exams_welcome
    Premium ❘ News

    New Music Curriculum in UK Schools: Analysis


    The ABRSM, the UK’s leading music examinations board, will be drafting a new ‘model music curriculum’ for the Government. Harry Whie asks why its appointment raised questions  

  • Alfred Staar - a 'typical representative of the so-called Viennese School'

    Alfred Staar on what constitutes the Viennese School


    Alfred Staar’s influence continues to be felt today – no fewer than 22 of his former students currently hold posts in the Vienna Philharmonic. Inga Brandini shares a conversation with the professor from 15 March 2000, shortly before his death a month later

  • Olivier Babaz

    Slapping with the bow - a double bass lesson from Olivier Babaz


    This lesson is taken from Discover Double Bass’s upcoming course, ‘Jazz Bowing’ by the French double bassist Olivier Babaz. Scheduled for release on 7th May, it comprises 61 lessons over 5 hours and is a step-by-step course on jazz bowing technique. It will be available at DiscoverDoubleBass.com. This first ...

  • Nicola Benedetti recap Velocity

    'With Nicky' Recap: Playing Fast


    A recap of last week’s video today on Nicola Benedetti’s journey of YouTube tutorials, in which the violinist goes back over one of the most important parts of developing the basics for the left hand: Playing Fast - Velocity Requires Flexibility.

  • Antje Weithaas

    Sentimental work: Antje Weithaas on Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto


    The Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto presents a mixture of Eastern and Western influences to the German violinist – and only revealed its true secrets after a whole decade of resting

  • 093-medium-size-final-LMM-3-March-2019

    5 steps to help save music education in the UK


    Rob Adediran, executive director of the London Music Masters education charity, comments on the #SaveOurMusic campaign led by a group of LMM alumni and asks, ‘What can we do to save music for the next generation?’

  • Albena Danailova

    Life Lessons: Albena Danailova


    One of three Vienna Philharmonic concertmasters, the Bulgarian violinist talks about New York street jazz and the musical impact of the internet