• Sevcik

    Woman of the World: Ševčík’s female pupils


    At the beginning of the 20th century, a small number of female violinists became internationally renowned. Linking the members of this intrepid group was the famous Czech string teacher Otakar Ševčík, as Rosalind Ventris discovers

  • Matthew Barley

    Life Lessons: Matthew Barley


    The British cellist on memory, nationalism and his long journey – via a skiing accident – to technical confidence

  • bellocchio_altarisoluzione-53
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    Technique: chords


    How to tackle multi-stopped passages with more confidence, musicality and alacrity with Pavel Berman , professor of violin at the Lugano Conservatoire in Switzerland, and Academy of Perosi in Biella, Italy

  • EQA-Oscar
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    In the mix


    The Edinburgh Quartet recently selected its 2019 apprentice, following a round of public auditions featuring performances from nine young musicians. As the training programme enters its third session, Toby Deller discovers a unique opportunity for rehearsal and performance    

  • Ndere-endingidi-(centre-back)
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    Where there’s a will there’s a way


    During two months in Uganda, Pauline Harding learns about the indigenous one-stringed endingidi, and discovers how difficult it can be to learn an instrument in a country whose education system lends little support for arts training 

  • Alice Schoenfeld cr Schoenfeld International String Society

    Words of Wisdom: Alice Schoenfeld


    An interview with the late violinist and pedagogue Alice Schoenfeld

  • OMG

    With Nicky: Oasby Music Group


    This week on Nicola Benedetti’s journey of video tutorials, the violinist takes a trip outside her living room and into the home of the children of the Oasby Music Group. Founded in 2013 with just 7 beginner young musicians aged 5-8, the organisation now has 13 ensembles aged 4-18, with ...

  • Tabea Zimmermann photo Jann Wilken

    Tabea Zimmermann's top 6 practice tips


    To tie in with our review of her Berlioz CD, Tabea Zimmermann shares her wisdom on getting the most out of your practice

  • Tamestit Cd cover

    WIN Antoine Tamestit's new CD of Bach viola da gamba sonatas


    The violist’s latest recording is released on 23 August

  • Brofsky online 2
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    Blue Sky Teaching


    String tutors are always looking for ways to help students develop or refine their technique, and some use unconventional approaches. Judith Kogan spoke with three such teachers, all based in North America and whose unique ideas are achieving significant results