Corilon violins

Working from our stately Munich workshop you will set up and restore our broad palette of old stringed instruments, returning each one to the appropriate quality and making it ready to play. We offer an appealing workplace, a friendly atelier with modern equipment, a variety of different activities, much work, and attractive remuneration. 

In working at Corilon, you will perform a technical approach and the ideal approaches to the art of a luthier, and you will work in precise and aesthetic methods. We expect you to have acquired solid knowledge of the fundamentals in the course of your training as well as a sense of artistic beauty. We have high standards in terms of the quality and precision of the tasks performed at our workshop. We welcome your application portfolio consisting of a CV, photograph, transcripts and photos of your work.

Corilon violins
Lilienstrasse 2
D-81669 München
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