• Layale Chaker

    4 reasons why Arabic poetry inspires me


    To tie in with our review of her Inner Rhyme CD, Lebanese violinist Layale Chaker explains why she finds musical inspiration in Arabic poetry

  • Violin Scroll

    7 tips on motivating yourself to practise


    7 different string players share their wisdom on maintaining motivation - as featured over the last 10 years in The Strad

  • Brofsky online 2
    Premium ❘ Feature

    Blue Sky Teaching


    String tutors are always looking for ways to help students develop or refine their technique, and some use unconventional approaches. Judith Kogan spoke with three such teachers, all based in North America and whose unique ideas are achieving significant results

  • Tchaikovsky

    5 views on Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto


    Five violinists share their insights into this pillar of the repertoire in these snippets of interviews featured in The Strad

  • shifting

    6 ways to improve shifting for string players


    Advice on how to shift smoothly and cleanly from 120 years of The Strad

  • Alfred Staar - a 'typical representative of the so-called Viennese School'

    Alfred Staar on what constitutes the Viennese School


    Alfred Staar’s influence continues to be felt today – no fewer than 22 of his former students currently hold posts in the Vienna Philharmonic. Inga Brandini shares a conversation with the professor from 15 March 2000, shortly before his death a month later

  • Wolftone_SoundChart

    Stringtelligence by Thomastik-Infeld: wolf tones and string buzzing

    2019-04-26T09:29:00Z Sponsored by Thomastik-Infeld

    In the second of the new blog series for The Strad celebrating Thomastik-Infeld’s 100th anniversary, Franz Klanner, the Austrian string manufacturer’s director of engineering and technology, shares his experience in how to tame a wolf tone and get rid of irritating string buzzing

  • bBC5

    Yogic principles and string playing


    Cellist Ruth Phillips looks at the connections between yoga, playing an instrument and making music through the elements of breath, gravity and the wave

  • Paganini

    The secret behind Paganini's amazing technique


    Generations of violinists have tried to discover what it was that made Paganini so legendary. In this article from 2014, the late great Ruggiero Ricci shared his thoughts with Strad readers

  • Eldbjørg Hemsing playing Tan Dun

    Tan Dun and Eldbjørg Hemsing on their latest collaboration


    Chinese composer Tan Dun’s new concerto for Norwegian violinist Eldbjørg Hemsing draws on traditions common to the homelands of both artists. Andrew Mellor speaks to them about this latest in a series of collaborations