• Nicola Benedetti Back to Basics

    Back to Basics with Nicky


    Kicking off the ‘With Nicky’ series this week, and our media partnership with Nicola Benedetti’s new video venture, it’s Back to Basics, in which the violinist delves further into the fundamentals of the violin and bow hold to develop comfort, flexibility and relaxation.

  • Yo-Yo Ma and TM Krishna

    Yo-Yo Ma duets with TM Krishna


    After a discussion on art and culture at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, what starts out as a performance of Bach’s Cello Suite No 3 in C Major ends up as a spontaneous duet between Yo-Yo Ma and the Carnatic music vocalist and social commentator TM Krishna. Ma was ...

  • Alastair Savage

    Alastair Savage: A Red, Red Rose


    BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra violinist Alastair Savage is active on the Scottish folk scene too, and here performs fiddle tunes starting with one famously assosiated with Robert Burns’s lyric, ‘A Red, Red Rose’.

  • maxresdefault (2)

    Diyang Mei plays viola arrangement of prelude from Bach's Cello Suite no.5


    Chinese violist Diyang Mei recently clinched first place in the viola section of the ARD Music Competition in Munich. ‘He is an imaginative interpreter,’ our correspondent Chloe Cutts wrote in her report of the final rounds and his performance of the Bartók concerto. ‘In his hands the ...

  • Frank Peter Zimmermann

    Frank Peter Zimmermann talks violins


    In this video, Frank Peter Zimmermann describes what it means to have a long-term relationship with your instrument, and how you know which violin is right for you.

  • Aquasonic violinist

    5 extreme technical feats


    Musicians push themselves to the limit in the name of art, both in the concert hall and further afield

  • How to get a crisp sound

    How to get a crisp sound out of your instrument


    In this video luthier Jacob von der Lippe shares one of the lesser-known tricks of the trade. And there’s more where this came from: The 5+1 common types of violin maker The most common types of violin makers, ep.2 ...

  • Solitude

    Séverine Ballon plays Rebecca Saunders' 'Solitude' for solo cello


    British composer Rebecca Saunders was this week awarded the €250,000 Ernst von Siemens Music prize, becoming the first female composer to win it in its 45-year history, and only the second woman overall after Anne-Sophie Mutter in 2008. This 2013 work was described in The Strad’s review of ...

  • Max Baillie

    Max Baillie: Cherubic Hymn by Tchaikovsky arranged for 8 violas


    ‘I had the idea that 8 violas playing together could sound like a choir, and so I started London Viola Sound,’ writes violinist and violist Max Baillie.  This arrangement was performed at the group’s first concert at Holy Trinity Brompton in London.

  • maxresdefault (1)

    Two minutes with Leonidas Kavakos


    Leonidas Kavakos will be performing with Yuja Wang at the Royal Festival Hall in the Southbank Centre in London this Friday 18 January. In this video he talks London about performing in London and the musical chemistry he shares with Yuja Wang. Details on the upcoming concert here ...