• Antje Weithaas

    Sentimental work: Antje Weithaas on Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto


    The Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto presents a mixture of Eastern and Western influences to the German violinist – and only revealed its true secrets after a whole decade of resting

  • When_Noise_Annoys

    How to practise at home without annoying your neighbours


    Practice is part of life for all musicians, and string players are no exception. But what do you do if those around you think your music is just a nuisance? Vicky Hancock finds out

  • Albena Danailova

    Life Lessons: Albena Danailova


    One of three Vienna Philharmonic concertmasters, the Bulgarian violinist talks about New York street jazz and the musical impact of the internet

  • Augustin Hadelich

    Augustin Hadelich on the similarities and contrasts of Brahms and Ligeti


    Violinist August Hadelich, cover star of The Strad’s April 2019, issue, has built a reputation for musically astute interpretations in wide-ranging repertoire. He speaks to Chloe Cutts about his latest recording - a pairing of Brahms and Ligeti

  • maxresdefault

    The Cello Maker: Robin Aitchison


    The Academy of Ancient Music has produced this film exploring the craft of cello maker Robin Aitchison, focusing on his copies of instruments by Stradivari, Montagnana and Guadagnini. The film is the first in a series called Breaking Down Baroque to be released by the Academy of Ancient Music ...

  • Hans Jørgen Jensen

    Technique: Velocity studies with Hans Jørgen Jensen


    In this extract from his article in the March 2019 issue of The Strad, the cellist explains his use of ‘impulse units’ to break down fast passages. Plus, 6 video tutorials

  • Rugeri crop

    In focus: 1675 violin by Francesco Rugeri


    In this article from the December 2014 issue, Fausto Cacciatori takes a close look at a fine example of a rather enigmatic maker with links to Nicolò Amati

  • Tortelier main

    Great Cellists: Paul Tortelier


    Tully Potter celebrates the charismatic French artist whose playing shone with vitality, imagination and absolute commitment. From the February 2015 issue

  • 23728

    Pekka Kuusisto on his Greenpeace collaboration


    Elegy for the Forest , Pekka Kuusisto’s short film made in collaboration with Greenpeace, aims to build awareness of deforestation. He speaks to Peter Quantrill about combining art and activism

  • Klanner Franz

    Stringtelligence by Thomastik-Infeld: dealing with corrosion and perspiration

    2019-03-20T16:30:00Z Sponsored by Thomastik-Infeld

    In the first of a new blog series for The Strad celebrating Thomastik-Infeld’s 100th anniversary, the Austrian string manufacturer’s director of engineering and technology, Franz Klanner, gives his recommendations for players who find their strings corroding too quickly