Kim Kashkashian

Thursday, 26 June 2014

A few words of wisdom from the Armenian–American violist

Welcome the feeling of tension between what you imagine and what you can manifest

Transition is magic: the deepest moments of our lives are moments of transition. A transitional state is full of creative promise – ideal for an artist or musician. It requires you to believe in shifting perspectives, not to cling to what you think you know.

Our frame of reference as musicians is vibration – the transmission of sound waves and the transmission of emotional, even spiritual, content. Three centuries ago, Bach spoke about striving to transform the material of music into ‘the immaterial’. How can we, in our practice of the art of music, come closest to this ideal? How can we best negotiate our constantly vibrating world?

Be aware of the moment, both on and off the stage. Imagine in your head the ideal, deepest performance  of the piece you are playing. Then have the courage to explore the richness of choice throughout the work, giving yourself room to grow and improvise in all directions.

Enjoy and welcome the feeling of tension between what you imagine and what you can manifest. You can even let in the energy of imperfection as a source of nourishment.

Each of us contains the universe and all its potential. By giving all our attention, clarity and courage to the process of learning who we are – not focusing on what we should become – we can uncover our own unique and potent sound waves, and have a lifetime of fun and surprise in the process.

Photo: Steve Riskind

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