Irina-Kalina Goudeva

Wednesday, 05 February 2014

The double bass player and multidisciplinary performer selects her favourite tracks

I feel his driving force and spontaneity create a symbiosis with the orchestra

Mahler Symphony no.9, final movement
Berlin Philharmonic/Leonard Bernstein

When I first heard this 1979 concert recording, I fell in love with the life-affirming energy of the whole interpretation. It’s easy to imagine Bernstein’s large, deep, charismatic gestures throughout the movement, as the orchestra responds to his energy with a kind of fearless devotion.

Dvořák Cello Concerto in B minor op.104
Steven Isserlis, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra/ Jiří Bělohlávek

I think this live recording is one of the most beautiful and powerful interpretations of this concerto. Isserlis’s musical vision and mastery of the material are impressive. He gives such a virtuosic, holistic performance that I feel his driving force and spontaneity create a symbiosis with the orchestra – as if the piece was being composed on the spot.

Mark Dresser (double bass) Denman Maroney (hyperpiano) Michael Sarin (drums)

I’ve played with Mark Dresser a number of times and I find him one of the most innovative double bassists of our time. This track from the album Time Changes encapsulates his unique style, blending extended techniques with unusual sound worlds, inventive harmonies and great capability of expression.

Schubert String Quintet in C major D956
Heinrich Schiff (cello), Alban Berg Quartet

I listened to this breathtaking performance constantly on one of my first tours. I feel that it has very profound spiritual messages, about the immortality of the soul and the supreme beauty of life. This interpretation inspired me to reach for a higher level of integration in phrasing, coloristic bowing and vibrato.

Piazzolla Tangata
Richard Tognetti (violin) Maxime Bibeau (double bass) ensemble

This track from the album Tango Jam is a brilliant example of Piazzolla’s nuevo tango style. This version shows the amazing dynamic and emotional spectrum of the soloists, who build an evocative story throughout the piece: a melancholic solo followed by expressive violin, guitar and piano cadenzas, powerful toccata passages and a monumental finale.

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