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Name the maker: a violin by Pietro Giacomo Rogeri

Wednesday, 01 January 2014

This illustration of a violin by Pietro Giacomo Rogeri was published in The Strad, July 1925. The following text is extracted from an article accompanying the photograph:

For absolute perfection of form, beauty of material and workmanship and purity of tone, the violin here will hold its own with any instrument hitherto figured in these pages, and it is by that comparatively little known maker, P. G. Rogeri.

The Rogeri family occupied a foremost place among the violin makers of Cremona – at least six members are known – and although for many years the work of P.G. and his relative Giovanni Batiste may have been confused, I think it is now well established that in the eyes of the finest experts at all events Pietro Giacomo has at last come into his own.

Pietro Giacomo, like G.B., worked with Noccolo Amati, and it is possible that many of the early instruments of the two makers have been taken for the work of Amati – indeed, some instruments by G.B. Rogeri bear original Amati labels, made, doubtless, when he was in the shop of Amati.

I think anyone would be forgiven if they stated that this fiddle is an Amatese Strad. It is a superb instrument in every way; the scroll differs from the work either of Amati or Stradivari, but the general contour and its ensemble, beautiful wood and transparent varnish, might have emanated from the workshop of the master himself.

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