Sibelius: Violin Concerto. Edwards: Violin Concerto ‘Maninyas’

Nordic cool meets the heat of the Australian desert in an unusual coupling of concertos


Adele Anthony (violin) Adelaide Symphony Orchestra/Arvo Volmer


Sibelius, Edwards

Catalogue number

Canary Classics CC 09

Adele Anthony won the ABC competition back in 1984 aged just 13 playing the Sibelius Concerto, and now you can hear why. She produces a gloriously full sound at all dynamic levels and possesses a magical, cushioned staccato (unusual for a Dorothy DeLay student). Even in the finale’s notorious multiple-stops she maintains absolute tonal composure. No matter how intricate the writing becomes her sound never stops singing, and she brings a heart-warming lyricism to passages that in other hands become a blur of virtuoso athletics.

Anthony has chosen to couple the Sibelius not with another Romantic warhorse but with Maninyas, a highly engaging concerto that draws heavily upon Ross Edwards’s music of the 1980s. Maninya style is derived from the music of the Australian bush, driven by infectious dance rhythms and a bracing sense of colour. At times, as towards the end of the first movement’s opening section and the end of the invigorating finale, the music achieves a meditative calm that is deeply affecting. Anthony relishes every moment with a profound sense of authenticity, supported to the hilt by Arvo Volmer and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, captured in alluring, naturally balanced sound.  


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