Orchestre Métropolitain gifts violin to homeless Montreal busker

Mark Landry, who frequently busks on the Montreal Metro, had his violin stolen last week

April 13, 2016

In a heart-warming turn of events, a Montreal homeless man has received a new violin from Orchestre Métropolitain and a local violin shop, according to CBC.

Mark Landry, who busks frequently on the Montreal Metro, was the subject of a concerned commuter’s Facebook post, reporting that his violin had been stolen. When Orchestre Métropolitain heard of Landry’s plight, they bought him a new instrument from violin store Maison du Violon, whose owner offered to sell the violin at cost price, along with a bow and case.

‘When we heard what happened to you, we contacted our friends at Maison du Violin…and we decided to give you back your joie-de-vivre and give you back the opportunity to do what it is you do best, which allows you to earn a small living,’ said Jean Dupré, president of Orchestre Métropolitain.

Watch Landry playing his new violin below:

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  1. Harron K. Appleman // April 13, 2016 at 8:30 pm // Reply

    Landry might get even luckier when one of the tuning screws on the tailpiece hits him in the eye, allowing him to sue the Orchestre Métropolitain and Maison du Violin (cf. your article “Snapped violin tuning screw causes serious damage to boy’s eye”).

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