Frank Peter Zimmermann on his new ‘General Dupont’, ‘Grumiaux’ Stradivarius

March 24, 2016

Losing the ‘Lady Inchiquin’ was like someone had taken my voice away. It was a very difficult time…’

Violinist Frank Peter Zimmermann speaks about being forced to give up the 1711 ‘Lady Inchiquin’ Stradivarius – his principal performing violin for the past 13 years – and his happiness at finding another instrument with the right ‘voice’ – the ‘General Dupont’, ‘Grumiaux’ Stradivarius, currently on long-term loan to him.

Zimmermann speaks further about his new Stradivarius and about re-recording the Mozart violin concertos 20 years after his breakthrough recording of the works in The Strad’s April 2016 issue – download on desktop computer or through The Strad App.

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