Alma Deutscher, aged 10, performs Violin Concerto in G – which she composed

January 11, 2016

Alma Deutscher, aged 10, performs her own Violin Concerto with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in 2015 on a 3/4-sized French violin.

The British violinist, pianist and composer has recently been signed to classical music agency Askonas Holt. In addition to her Violin Concerto, the young musician has composed violin and piano sonatas, string quartets, and full-length opera ‘Cinderella’. She began playing the piano at the age of two and violin aged three.

‘Alma has a unique combination of gifts as a pianist, violinist and, perhaps most significantly, a composer,’ reads the Askonas Holt website. ‘Our responsibility is to advise the Deutschers on the best possible development for Alma and we look forward to a long and happy collaboration.’

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  1. Keith Tinkler // April 1, 2016 at 2:16 am // Reply

    Listening to the exuberant joy of this performance its easy to take the composition itself for granted. But, the more you listen the more you appreciate the astonishingly adept and balanced use of the orchestral resources so that there is no sense that the soloist (and composer) is using it simply as backdrop to virtuosity. There is a wonderful interplay between all the players and it all adds up to a master class in pleasurable listening. PLEA: can we please hear the first movement sometime soon? and even better, a performance of the entire concerto? Does Askonas Holt have this in hand?

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