Alice & Eleonore Schoenfeld International String Competition names 2016 competitors

This year's event takes place in Harbin, China between 23 July and 1 August in violin, cello and chamber disciplines

June 27, 2016

The 2016 Alice & Eleonore Schoenfeld International String Competition, taking place in Harbin, China, has announced the violin, cello and chamber candidates who have been selected to take part in its live rounds. This year’s event runs from 23 July to 1 August and offers a top prize of $30,000 for the winners of the violin and cello sections, and $20,000 for the winner of the chamber music category – open to string quartets, piano trios and piano quartets.

The 36 violin candidates are:

Hrayr Achemian (Armenia)
Yunfei Bai (China)
Kristine Balanas (UK)
Rimma Benyumova (Russia)
Fedor Beznosikov (Russia)
Lara Boschkor (Germany, pictured)
Yige Chen (China)
Hannah Cho (USA)
Leonard Chong (USA)
Yiying Jiang (China)
Wonyoung Jung (Korea)
Bomsori Kim (Korea)
Sujin Lim (Korea)
Boxianzi Ling (China)
Fanglei Liu (China)
Petr Lundstrem (Russia)
Ler Ler Ma (Singapore)
Tianlong Mai (China)
Sergey Maiboroda (Ukraine)
Yiming Mao (China)
Rachel Ostler (USA)
Ashley Park (USA)
Yeri Roh (Korea)
Xingzhou Rong (China)
Yabing Tan (China)
Yun Tang (China)
Daniel Temnik (Israel)
Yuan Tian (China)
Rosa Wember (Germany)
Suxing Wang (China)
Minjia Xu (China)
Ziyi Yuan (China)
Andi Zhang (China)
Chendi Zhang (China)
Haoya Zhang (China)

The 30 cello candidates are:

Sevak Avanesyan (Armenia)
Margarita Balanas (Latvia)
Eun Cho (Korea)
Eunghee Cho (USA)
Christoph Croisé (Switzerland)
Vardan Gasparyan (Armenia)
Luca Giovannini (Italy)
Russell Houston (USA)
Meng-Feng Hsieh (Taiwan/China)
Guan-Yu Huang (Taiwan/China)
Minji Kim (Korea/Switzerland)
Minji Kim (Korea/USA)
Jung-Hsuan Ko (Taiwan/China)
Jawoon Lee (Korea)
Kyung Jun Lee (Korea)
Soo Yeon Lee (Korea)
Ang Li (China)
Jaesung Lim (Korea)
Zhenqi Li (China)
Jiaqi Liu (China)
Ghislaine McMullin (UK)
Mo Mo (China)
Albert Seo (Canada)
Xin Shao (China)
Nelli Tsinman (Russia)
Jiaoyang Xu (China)
Sang Yhee (USA)
Fange Zhang (China)
Zheng Zhang (China)
Runqing Zhou (China)

The 10 chamber finalists are:

Altius Quartet (USA)
Cincinnatus String Quartet (USA)
Friction Quartet (USA)
Himalaya Quartet (China)
Trio Kanon (Italy)
Los Angeles Ensemble (USA)
Moa Quartet (Germany)
Moscow Conservatory Trio (Russia)
Notos Quartet (Germany)
YAS String Quartet (USA)

The year’s jury includes competition founder Alice Schoenfeld, artistic director Suli Xue, violin jury chair Shlomo Mintz, cello jury chair Lynn Harrell, Sergey Antonov, Jindong Cai, Christopher Costanza, David Grimal, Judith Ingolfsson, Josephine Knight, Martti Rousi, Zhongguo Sheng, Kirill Troussov, Marianna Vasileva and Daniel Veis.

For full details visit the competition website.

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