1 Comment on 93-year-old violinist Ivry Gitlis performs Kreisler

  1. Congratulations Mr. Gitlis, Maestro of the violin: My first time to hear you

    play altho, of course I’ve heard of you all my life. B 1922, Haifa, studied w/Enesco,

    Thibaud, Flesch!!!!!!!what a connection to the DISTANT past?!?!???! The year I was

    born 1951 he wins the Thibaud COmpetition, records the Berg Concerto, not so

    famous in USA, “at times he seems a bit eccentric, but artistic sincerity beyond a doubt.

    Thanks for posting this unforgettable show…..I only wish for subtitles…….

    Douglas, viola, organ, piano, guitar, voice, poet.

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