The Piatigorsky Cello Festival

January 23, 2013

Heifetz's studio has been lovingly recreated here at the Colburn School in Los Angeles. Quite surprising how prominent the television is, though. It's hard to think of him spending a lot of time watching it!
Gary Hoffman's masterclass today: 'It's a question of living everything you're doing - not just playing music, but breathing life and energy into it.'
Nice Piatigorsky quotes at his eponymous festival today, recounted by Raphael Wallfisch in his masterclass. Encouraging a student to have fuller contact with the bow on the string: 'You paid for the hair!' And also, 'Relax in bed, not when you're playing!'
All six Bach Cello Suites performed tonight by six entirely different cello stars. Wonderful to hear such different personalities, and hearing all the works together is a truly edifying experience!
Laurence Lesser tells lots of lovely stories today at his Piatigorsky Cello Festival masterclass. My favourite: Previn is performing a Mozart piano concerto with Szell in Cleveland and Szell asks him to come to his hotel to rehearse. Previn gets there and there's no piano, but Szell tells him to play on the coffee table so he does. At one point Szell says, 'I don't like your phrasing.' Previn replies, 'I'm not used to the touch on your coffee table!'
From the Jean-Guihen Queyras masterclass at the Piatigorsky Cello Festival today, on the first phrase of the Dvo?ák Concerto: 'It should sound as if you know that if you don't play it, it will be the end of the world.'

Images from the first Piatigorsky International Cello Festival in Los Angeles in March 2012, plus a peek inside the Heifetz Studio at the Colburn School

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