String players for Movember – classic moustaches from The Strad archives

November 8, 2013

Portrait of Jascha Heifetz from the Jascha Heifetz Collection, at the Music Division of the Library of Congress
The violinist Fritz Kreisler, in a portrait published in the March 1927 issue of The Strad
From The Strad January 1895, French violinist and composer Emile Sauret
The cellist J. W. Slatter photographed in The Strad, 1856
The spanish cellist Antoni Sala in a portrait from The Strad, July 1931
Violinist Johannes Wolff in The Strad, July 1894
Brodsky Quartet cellist Carl Fuchs, depicted in The Strad, December 1928
Double bassist H. H. Saby, of Cape Town, with his Fendt bass in The Strad, November 1927
English violist and teacher Lionel Tertis in The Strad, June 1924
From The Strad, November 1907, violist Siegfried Wertheim

Movember is the new November. To signal our support for the Movember mission, we hereby present our gallery of top ten classical moustaches from The Strad archives. With over a hundred years of magazines to choose from there were rich pickings to be had – at least enough for the next decade of Movembers to come.

Movember is a registered charity dedicated to raising funds and awareness of men’s health issues. To find out more about the Movember Foundation visit



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