Strad Fest LA showcases eight Stradivarius violins

April 4, 2014

Eight Stradivarius violins on display at The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra's Strad Fest LA event, which took place 26-29 March 2014 (photo: Jamie Pham)
The event showcased some of Stradivarius's best known instruments, valued at over $25m collectively (photo: Jamie Pham)
(L-R) Cho-Liang Lin with the 1715 'Titian', Martin Chalifour with the 1711 'Kreisler', Margaret Batjer with the 1716 'Milstein', Ray Ushikubo with the 1720 'Beechback', Chee-Yun with the 1714 'Leonora Jackson', Xiang Yu with the 1666 'Serdet' and Philippe Quint with the 1708 'Ruby' (Photo: Lee Salem)
Martin Chalfour playing the 1711 'Kreisler' and Philippe Quint playing the 1708 'Ruby' (Photo: Lee Salem)
Cho-Liang Lin playing the 'Titian', Xiang Yu playing the 'Serdet', Philippe Quint playing the 'Ruby', Margaret Batjer playing the 'Milstein' and Chee-Yun playing the 'Leonora Jackson' (Photo: Jamie Pham)
Chee-Yun playing the 'Leonora Jackson' and Cho-Liang Lin playing the 'Titian' (Photo: Lee Salem
A close-up of the 1708 'Ruby' Stradivarius

Eight of Stradivarius’s best known violins were showcased in Los Angeles at the end of March as part of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s Strad Fest LA event.

The eight instruments were the ‘Serdet’ Strad of 1666, the 1708 ‘Ruby’, the 1711 ‘Kreisler’, the 1720 ‘Beechback’, the 1714 ‘Leonora Jackson’, the 1715 ‘Titian’, the 1716 ‘Milstein’ and the 1720 ‘Red Mendelssohn’ violin. This was the first time these instruments – valued at over US$25 million collectively – had been displayed together.

The violins were showcased in a series of solo and chamber performances. Among the violinists taking part were Cho-Liang Lin; Philippe Quint; Chee-Yun; Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra leader Margaret Batjer; principal leader of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Martin Chalifour; and Xiang Yu.

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