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The Menuhin jury picked a clear winner tonight in Kenneth Arthur Renshaw. As in his semi-final round, his playing of the Sibelius Concerto was imaginative, sensitive and refined, and he even managed to galvanise the rather loud accompanying orchestra. Lots of great playing from the other finalists too (second prize went to Ji Eun Anna Lee, third to Alexi Kenney and fourth to Siyan Guo), and a great, if exhausting, evening all round - and that was just for the audience. Imagine how the kids feel!
Good decisions at the junior final of the Menuhin Competition tonight, with first and second prize going to the youngest (and smallest) contestants, Kevin Zhu and Soo-Been Lee, both eleven, respectively. 
What were you doing at that age? I seem to remember I was mostly busy fighting with my brothers and picking my nose. Certainly not knocking seven shades of blue out of Sarasate and Wieniawski.
Standing room only today at Pamela Frank's masterclass as part of the Menuhin Competition, and an audience filled with attentive kids. Her advice on Bach: 'It doesn't matter what style you choose to do it in, but there are a few concepts you need to think about: harmony, rhythm and sequences.'
Difficult choices for the jury tonight at the senior semi-finals of the Menuhin Violin Competition. As juror Pamela Frank told the contestants: 'You made our lives impossible, but it's nice to have problems such as this.' She cautioned both those who did and didn't get through: 'You are not defined by these results. Keep making beautiful music!'
I wouldn't say I was in total agreement with the final four, but my favourite got through, so I'm pleased about that. And no I won't say who that is!

Menuhin Competition 2012

February 19, 2013

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