Albert Spalding: 1888–1953

August 15, 2013

A young Spalding at the start of his performing career
Spalding in his army uniform during World War I
Spalding rehearsing with his regular accompanist André Benoist
Spalding with friend and colleague Fritz Kreisler
Spalding continued to give concerts until three years before he died

At the height of his career, Albert Spalding was known – and indeed publicised – as ‘The Greatest American Violinist’. Born on 25 August 1888 – 125 years ago – he eschewed virtuoso histrionics in favour of a refined musical sensibility – an approach that brought him an international touring schedule, a vast number of recordings and regular broadcasts on American radio. A hero of both world wars, he was called ‘not only a wonderful violinist, he is also a distinguished citizen and patriot’ by his friend and colleague Fritz Kreisler. In our August issue, Dario Sarlo pays tribute to Spalding and assesses his legacy to the string music world.

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Click here to read an archive interview with Albert Spalding

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